What is a 4 in 1 CCTV Camera??

14Jul, 2017

What is a 4 in 1 CCTV Camera??

A 4 in 1 security camera is one of the newest inventions in the surveillance camera world. This new bread camera allows users to use CCTV cameras and not have to worry about issues will compatible. Which is great news for everyone? As this allows people to add security cameras to existing systems or upgrade old cameras, as long as there is a BNC connection and power then this is a great option for anyone.

With the ever-evolving world of surveillance cameras, this is a very important thing to consider as in the past all cameras worked with almost all recording systems. Whereas now we are dealing with analogue systems and HD systems. This has been known to cause many issues for many people but with the invention of the 4 in 1 the camera you no longer have to worry about this as this camera is compatible with old and new systems.

4 in 1 Camera Formats

Most manufacturers have now worked together and created 4 in 1 cameras to support the transition from analogue to HD systems, allowing the user to easily switch between 4 formats to suit the format of the DVR. This gives the user many advantages, as you no longer have to worry about compatibility issues. These CCTV cameras are pretty much plugged and play.


Most commonly known as TVI this is the best type of analogue HD security camera on the market as it allows us to record and view the footage at an amazing 3-megapixel. This is by far the best mode to set your 4 in 1 camera up on any new HD system.


AHD is a very common type of HD format behind TVI. As it is used on many budget surveillance camera systems from China. As this is a little more basic format the image quality is reduces comparing to its counterpart TVI.


HD CVI stands for high definition composite video interface. Was created by a company known as Duhua who are industry leaders in many aspects of CCTV.

However, when they created this format of CCTV camera they limited peoples ability to uses different cameras with different DVR’s one of the Key reason 4 in 1 cameras where created and why they are so popular.


CVBS is an older analogue type of format typically deliver through BNC it can also be deliver through a phone connection. Which you would find on older types of cameras. This is the lowest quality format on a 4 in1 camera only to use on an analogue system. A huge advantage of using 4-1 cameras on an old analogue system is that if you want to add in a new camera to replace an old one you can set it to CVBS and when the rest of the system is upgraded at a later date you can simply switch the cameras to suit the DVR.

Switching Between Camera Modes

With a 4 in 1 CCTV camera, you have a couple of options to change the mode of the camera using the small joystick on the camera cable, you can use it in two ways.

Firstly you have the option to switch the camera modes between TVI, AHD, CVI and CVBS. Most cameras will have a small diagram on the cable to let you know which direction you will want to push the joystick to activate the mode, for example, TVI may be on the right side of the switch so you would need to push the joystick in this direction and then hold it there for 5 seconds or more. The screen will usually then go blank while switching modes and then will reappear on your screen in the resolution you require.

The second option you have is to use the on-screen display, which can be tricky if you have fitted the cameras, as you will not be next to your screen. A good tip ensures your cameras set up to the correct setting before you start installing.

To display the on-screen display you will simply press the joystick in and this will then show you a selection list. Usually with options like the lens, exposure, white balance, backlight, day and night, reset. Depending on what camera you have purchased you will want to go through the settings until. You are able to find a setting for TVI or AHD switch until they give the correct resolution for DVR.

One Camera to Rule Them All

MCR’s 4 in 1 CCTV cameras are ideal for adding to any system. Allowing you to upgrade any excising system or put a brand new system in which will deliver exception image quality. 4 in 1 Cameras do it all and are one of the most important tools for CCTV tradesmen. As they are so versatile and allow you to work on almost any job.