HD-CVI Cameras

MCR CCTV offers a wide range of Ultra high definition Analogue HD-CVI CCTV Cameras available in the UK & Europe. We offer world leading brands of Dahua and Prolux for our HD-CVI CCTV range. Their cutting-edge R&D team has allowed for the clearest and highest quality cameras in the industry. This means you’ll be getting the best CCTV equipment in the market. We’re able to offer fully tailored systems for all our Analogue HD-CVI CCTV cameras & DVRs.
Advantages of HD-CVI:
We have a wide range of forms for our HD-CVI CCTV cameras; like Dome, Eyeball, Turret, Anti-vandal dome, PTZ, and bullet cameras. We’re sure you’ll be impressed by our cameras.
Firstly PTZ cameras are also very popular in places with large crowds or areas to cover.
Secondly With a large selection supporting PoC (power over coax); this means an easier, more hassle-free installation of the CCTV equipment. Its currently supported by Prolux, Hikvision, Dahua and LTS HD-TVI Cameras.
Secondly Using cutting edge technology, our Prolux HD-CVI cameras come with Built-in Mics and Audio over coax ability built in (with compatible Prolux or Dahua HD-CVI DVRs) allowing for easy hassle-free additions of audio clips with the recordings, vital in some situations for Police. They also have alarm over coax.
We have a range of fixed lens, Varifocal (vari-focal) lens and motorized zoom lens cameras, giving our customers flexibility with their cameras. Perfect for domestic and commercial properties.

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