IP Cameras

MCR CCTV offers a wide range of high definition/megapixel IP (Internet Protocol) cameras available in the UK & Europe. Our range includes world leading brands of Prolux, Dahua, and Hikvision. We’re able to offer fully tailored systems for all our IP CCTV cameras & NVRs.Cutting edge technology:Our cameras come with PoE and ePoE support, allowing for easier installation in large CCTV projects. Because ePoE allows for longer transmission distance, along with other advantages, it’s the world leading technology in IP cameras. Its currently supported by Prolux and Dahua.Some Prolux and Dahua IP camera line ups come with Starlight technology which means full colour night vision recordings.We provide IP cameras in many forms; Dome, Eyeball, Turret, Anti-vandal dome, and bullet cameras are most popular. PTZ cameras are a must for places with large crowds or areas to cover.With no loss of quality over long distances (unlike Analogue CCTV cameras), installation in large projects is a breeze.

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