Network Video Recorders

At MCR CCTV we supply only the best Network Video Recorders with cutting edge smart technology. With big advancements made from Prolux, Dahua, and Hikvision; There are lots of smart features.Types of NRs: Dahua Ultra, Pro, and Lite Series network recorders. Prolux Compact lite. Hikvision’s Pro, Ultra, and DeepinMind seriesProlux:Prolux are newer in the Network video recorders industry but are making big strides to catch up. So far we supply them in 4 channels and 8 channels and they’re 4K compatible. With 4K resolution, you’ll get the sharpest and most crisp image quality around. They have Max 80Mbps incoming bandwidth and smart H.265 codec recording.Their NVRs excel past Hikvision’s Network video recorders as they have ports with ePoE compatibility which is superior to PoE.Dahua:Our largest selection of NVRs are from Dahua, where they excel in Network video recorders. Their recorders are of very high build quality and have all the smart features you can find on the market, especially with their latest ePoE technology.We have NVRs supplied by Prolux, Dahua and Hikvision. With the latest technology in the NVR industry, it allows for the highest quality recordings. They also come with many smart features. For example, they have Smart Codec, H.265+ allowing for more compression without loss of quality.Dahua also added support for Smart H.265+ technology to their line of Network Video recorders.

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